Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Today I would like to introduce some very useful links for our final Trees and Forests assignment.
All instruction of the project can be found on my blog (entry: Monday, October 16th).
The assignment is due on November 16th (roughly 3.5 weeks from now).

This week's Spelling List is comprised of vocabulary we are currently using in LA.
All these terms are parts of the plot of a story or a story conflict:

1. Antagonist
2. Protagonist
3. Technology *
4. Society *
5. Internal *
6. External *
7. Narrative *
8. Perspective
9.  Resolution
10. Rising Action *
11. Climax *
12.  Exposition
13. Static *
14. Dynamic *
15. Setting*

Links for Science Research:

Online Resources Trees & Forests

Most Common Trees in Canada

Tree Facts:

Classifying Trees:

List with pictures of all common trees in Alberta (scroll to page. 22 ff.)

Pictures of Tree Parts (Leaves, Bark, Fruits)

Ecosystem Forest:

More Advanced Websites:

Tree Facts

Forests in Canada – Resources


Ecosystem Forest:
Photosynthesis Explained:

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