Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Blog Update

Hello Parents & Guardians,

Today, I would only like to point out some homework assignments and quizzes.


Due tomorrow - Science 'Trees and Forest Project' + filled in rubric and self evaluation'
(extension was given until Nov 30th)
Due on Friday - Social Studies City Map including at least 18 different services and elements
(Tomorrow is the last class period in which students work on this task at school).

Quiz on Local Government and Democracy (FREJ - freedom, representation, equity, justice )
in Social Studies on Friday.

Also, in LA we are writing a story - paragraph by paragraph during classtime
=> by now students should have completed:

Introduction and two-three events of the rising action (main part).
We will continue to work on the climax (dilemma), falling action and conclusion in the next
three periods.


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Social Studies:
Earlier today I posted some review sheets on our upcoming Social Studies Quiz.
In class, we have started reviewing for the test by explaining specific terms and
discussing examples.
The test will be this Friday, December 1st.

In Math we are now investigating and expressing our understanding of division
problems with decimals.  A focus, this year is the ability to explain problems
in your own words and use a number of strategies to show your understanding:
For example:
> Base Ten Models
> Repeated Addition / Subtraction
> Doubling & Halving numbers
> Visuals (grid paper) - 0.3 = 3 shaded squares

In Science we are wrapping up our trees and forest unit. In addition we are looking at
how different interest groups (tourists, forestry, environmentalists) value and interact with
our forests.  Compromise and sustainability are key concepts we are currently exploring through a variety of statistics, discussions and role play.

Social Unit Test Review Notes!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Dear parents and guardians,

This is already our last week of November.

Hence, we are wrapping up our current Science and Social Units with projects and tests.

1) Science project on Trees and Forests is due this Thursday (Nov 30th.)
Students are required to fill out the self-evaluation page and hand it in together with the
rubric and their project.

2) Social Studies:
Our good copy of a city with at least 18 different services is due on Friday, December 1st.

3) On Friday, there will be a final unit test on Local Government.
In class we have started reviewing specific terms and will be answering questions in class.
I strongly advise to review and study for this test. We will provide about 45 minutes daily in
class in which we will show how to apply the concepts taught in Social Studies since September.

Can I explain and apply:

> Services of a local government
> local government's taxes & revenue
> What are expenditures?
> How do people participate in local government?
> What are examples of people having a voice?
> Election process
> Bylaw process
> school boards (who are superintendents / trustees)


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Today I have just a few reminders and information about quizzes and tests this week.

1) Science End of Unit Quiz is this Friday
In class, we have been reviewing important terms and played jeopardy against Room 14.

2) Math Quiz
Tomorrow is a short math check-in to see how students are performing in regards to multiplying
decimals (i.e. 4.21 x 6 or 0.82 x 5).

3) Pillars of Care Assembly is this Friday at 8:15 in our gym.
In Room 15 we have nominated the following students to receive an award:

Care for:
Self: Kaley
Others: Carter
Place: Kirsten
Learning: Sophia

Congratulations to our winners!


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Monday, 20 November 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It was a pleasure meeting with so many of you last Thursday and Friday for our conferences.
This week is another opportunity to join our school community for our monthly Pillars of Care assembly.

Science Quiz this Friday, Nov. 24th - Topic: Trees and Forests
Movember Fundraiser - ongoing until Nov. 3oth
Fun Lunch (Chicken Strips) on Nov. 23rd

In the subject areas:

In LA, we were testing our reading comprehension on a text about the Amazon rainforest.
This also provided a great opportunity to review some of the concepts we are currently discussing in Science on Trees and Forest ecosystems.

It is with great pleasure, that I welcome Mrs. Angela Harris (until October Gr. 5 teacher at BHS) into room 14&15.  She is supporting us in her new role as Math coach and has been most helpful so far, demonstrating new approaches and strategies to express mathematical concepts using models and visuals.  Mrs. Harris will be working with us for about 6-8 weeks and join our team again in the Spring of 2018 to help out with PAT preparations.

Social Studies:
Our students are designing their own model cities, representing the multiple services and buildings that make up a municipality. Some of our expectations area:
> must include 18 different types of service buildings (i.e. hospital, post office, police station, town)
> symbols are used to discern each building from the others
> legend must be included to display all symbols and colors used.

Have a wonderful week!

P. Mueller

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Hello Parents & Guardians,

Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow, Nov.16 and on Friday, Nov 17
Poinsettia Fundraiser is ongoing
Science Unit Test - November, 24

In the subject areas:

Multiplying decimals and whole numbers. Ex.: 4.56 x 7.
Solving, word problems involving decimals.

Forestry and Forest Management
Factors and Interests affecting our forests (i.e. Recreation - Logging - Conservation)

Social Studies:
Create your own city assignment.
Students are drafting a rough copy of a city that includes local services, businesses and government buildings on paper.


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Monday, 13 November 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Important Reminder:

School Conferences are being held this Thursday & Friday.
Nov. 16,   3:30-7:30   pm
Nov. 17,   8:00-12:00 am

You can book them online by using your CBE account on our school website.


Grade 6 Mavericks / Leadership Club is selling popcorn starting this week.
Price: $2/bag
Why: The funds collected will support a local and global charity (United Way and We Day Charity)

Homework Projects:

1) LA/Socials - The good copy of our Bylaw story needs to be handed it asap!!!
2) Science - Extension to complete Leaves and Forest Project until November 30th.

In the subject areas:

Math: We have started to learn the steps of multiplying decimal numbers.
Social Studies: Review of Local Government - Unit quiz to follow shortly
Science: Factors affecting the ecosystem forest (Forestry)  - Unit quiz next week (Nov 24)
LA: Creating a narrative story - Strategies to develop a detailed main character

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Important dates this week in class:

Thursday, Nov. 9th
Math Quiz about decimals (addition and subtraction up to the thousandths place)

Friday, Nov. 10th
Remembrance Day Assembly at 10:30 am in our gym
We are reciting "In Flanders' Fields" in Gr. 6 at the assembly

Science Project Update:
The due date in class is November 16th. I will share your child's progress at the
Parent-Teacher Conferences next week (Nov. 16th).
After thorough consideration, we Grade 6 Teachers have decided to allow an
extension period until November 30th. However, the project must be completed
at home. Once again, I want to point out that students have had a chance to work on the project
for the past 4 weeks when we first handed out the booklets.

LA/Social Studies:
We are continuing to write stories about a fictional bylaw as an interdisciplinary project in class.
This story is due by Friday and should include all the steps of how our local government proceeds in
town hall meetings.
1) Motion is being brought forward
2) Councilors discuss and review the motion 3 times (experts and the public opinion is heard)
3)Council votes
4) Motion becomes a new bylaw or is dismissed


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Next week on Thursday, November 16th and 17th, is already our first round of Parent Teacher Conferences. I am looking forward to meeting many of you and sharing my insights into your child's learning. Conferences start at 3:30-7:30 on Thursday and  8:00-12:00 on Friday morning.

By then our Science project should be completed:

Below you will find an example of the Leaves section: including the evidence, claim and justification
parts.  In class,we are continuing to work on our slide shows and research of key ideas & Understandings.

In Social Studies, students are applying their knowledge of bylaws by writing a story about the process of introducing a motion, reviewing and arguing the new bylaw and coming to a decision.
Students were asked to think of a fictional bylaw and write the story from the mayors, or a councillors perspective.

Im Math, we are continuing to quiz students basic math skills in regards to preparing them for the PATs. This weeks' test will be on Thursday and include adding, subtracting decimals, which we have practiced for the past two weeks.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Today in class, we continued the research of the Leaves and Trees and Forests project.
I noticed and talked to individual students who have to make use of the provided time in class
as well as at home to catch up. The due date is next Thursday, November 16th.

By now:
Tasks 1-6 in the booklet should be almost completed (either in the booklet or a student chosen media format)
If students have not found a leaf with the expected criteria, they can search the web and draw or print
one that suits said expectations.
Some vocabulary may be challenging, but in the day and age of instant information the internet is a great resource to clarify (i.e. type in key word - select images).

In Math, we were working on higher level thinking questions involving decimals.
How many ways can you cut a 4.9 meter long ribbon into two parts?
Students in Grade 6 are expected to solve decimal questions up to the thousandths place.
That is 3 units to the right of the decimal point:
=> 0.768 786/1000 - seven hundred eighty-six thousandths

In Language Arts, we peer edited the stories we created last week in class.
One goal this year, is to learn from each other and become more proficient in identifying
spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax mistakes. To prepare we went of various correction marks
addressing these areas.

Poinsettia fundraiser and Movember fundraisers are ongoing.
Spelling Quiz is on Friday
Below you will find the current list of subject-specific vocabulary

Spelling Words Week 8 Science: Trees and Forests

1) energy *

2) xylem *

3) phloem

4) carbon dioxide *

5) oxygen *

6) glucose*

7) stomata

8) photosynthesis

9) transpiration

10) chlorophyll

11) recreation *

12) interaction *

13) epidermis

14) forestry *

15) natural resource *


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Friday, 3 November 2017

Dear Parents,

Today I want to just point out 3 items:

1) Homework in Science - Students are strongly encouraged to continue the work on the Trees and Forest project.
The due date is November 16th.
2) Veterans' food drive - Please send non-perishable food items to school next week.
3) Mathletics: Please ensure your child is working on Mathletics at least twice a week for 30 min each.
Last year 40% of students in Grade 4 were below the provincial standard in the 2017 PATs.
Our school is spending a significant amount of money on the program. It works on computers (using the browser) or tablets (downloading the app).

Link to Mathletics: all Gr. 6 students have a log in and password


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Reminders & Notes sent home today:

1) November calendar => important events at BHS this month
2) Poinsettia fundraiser order form
3) Ongoing homework project Leaves and Trees & Forests & Book Report (LA)
4) Veterans' Food Drive - Send canned or other non-perishable food items to school to show your support
5) Movember fundraiser: Your children can vote for the BHS teacher with the worst mustache for only $1 per vote.
Almost all male staff members are showing their support for prostate cancer research by growing a mustache this months. The money, collected will be donated to the Movember organization.

In the subject areas:

In Social Studies, we are currently learning about bylaws and the process of brining forward a motion at local government level. Students were discussing two bylaws and made changes in class.
Did you know that a bylaw has to be discussed three times in council before a final decision will be made? We, the public, have the opportunity to provide insights and feedback on bylaws throughout the process.  Students, therefore are realizing that one principle of democracy is taking an active part in your local government.

In Math,
we are working on addition and subtraction of decimals and solving word problems. Your children should all be familiar with the CUBE strategy:

Circle - the numbers
Underline - math words (i.e. difference, total, share, more than)
Box in - additional information (understanding the context of the word problem)
Evaluate - Think about what math operation (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplying, etc.) is required

In Science, I allocated additional research time and had students work on our computers to find out detailed information about their various Big Ideas and Key Understandings in regards to our current Trees and Forests unit.

Please ensure your children are dressed properly when coming to school. At lunch and recess, we are still spending 10-20 minutes outside.

Have a great day!

Mr. Mueller

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