Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Important dates this week in class:

Thursday, Nov. 9th
Math Quiz about decimals (addition and subtraction up to the thousandths place)

Friday, Nov. 10th
Remembrance Day Assembly at 10:30 am in our gym
We are reciting "In Flanders' Fields" in Gr. 6 at the assembly

Science Project Update:
The due date in class is November 16th. I will share your child's progress at the
Parent-Teacher Conferences next week (Nov. 16th).
After thorough consideration, we Grade 6 Teachers have decided to allow an
extension period until November 30th. However, the project must be completed
at home. Once again, I want to point out that students have had a chance to work on the project
for the past 4 weeks when we first handed out the booklets.

LA/Social Studies:
We are continuing to write stories about a fictional bylaw as an interdisciplinary project in class.
This story is due by Friday and should include all the steps of how our local government proceeds in
town hall meetings.
1) Motion is being brought forward
2) Councilors discuss and review the motion 3 times (experts and the public opinion is heard)
3)Council votes
4) Motion becomes a new bylaw or is dismissed


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

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