Monday, 6 November 2017

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Today in class, we continued the research of the Leaves and Trees and Forests project.
I noticed and talked to individual students who have to make use of the provided time in class
as well as at home to catch up. The due date is next Thursday, November 16th.

By now:
Tasks 1-6 in the booklet should be almost completed (either in the booklet or a student chosen media format)
If students have not found a leaf with the expected criteria, they can search the web and draw or print
one that suits said expectations.
Some vocabulary may be challenging, but in the day and age of instant information the internet is a great resource to clarify (i.e. type in key word - select images).

In Math, we were working on higher level thinking questions involving decimals.
How many ways can you cut a 4.9 meter long ribbon into two parts?
Students in Grade 6 are expected to solve decimal questions up to the thousandths place.
That is 3 units to the right of the decimal point:
=> 0.768 786/1000 - seven hundred eighty-six thousandths

In Language Arts, we peer edited the stories we created last week in class.
One goal this year, is to learn from each other and become more proficient in identifying
spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax mistakes. To prepare we went of various correction marks
addressing these areas.

Poinsettia fundraiser and Movember fundraisers are ongoing.
Spelling Quiz is on Friday
Below you will find the current list of subject-specific vocabulary

Spelling Words Week 8 Science: Trees and Forests

1) energy *

2) xylem *

3) phloem

4) carbon dioxide *

5) oxygen *

6) glucose*

7) stomata

8) photosynthesis

9) transpiration

10) chlorophyll

11) recreation *

12) interaction *

13) epidermis

14) forestry *

15) natural resource *


Pascal Mueller
Grade 6 Teacher
Beddington Heights School
T 403 777 6610

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